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          Tengfei started to make electric water boiler in 1987. Up to now, it has developed dozens kinds of water boilers which belong to six series. As for usage, Tengfei's water boilers are suitable for various sites. Please read the functions of the products to choose your favorite products. If you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact with the sales managers. Thank you! !






Functions and Characteristics:
Layer-to-layer Boiling        Double Efficient & Energy Saving       High-speed and High Efficiency
High Temperature Water      Intelligent Control         Safe & Sanitary       Useful and Lasting 
Multi-function        Easy to Maintain        Three-proof Design         Quality Warranty

K2 Intelligent Electric Water Boiler

Item No. and Recommended No. of Users

Item No.

No. of Users

Water Boiling Way

Layer-to-layer heat-up

Boiling Times

One-time boiling

Water Quality

Boiled water coming from the bottom, no non-boiled water to mix with.

Water Temperature


Energy Saving and Heat Preservation

Foam-in-place polyurethane to keep warm

Energy Saving Efficiency

Warm keeping & energy saving 70%

Water Boiling Speed

Five minutes for the first time and never stops later.

Cost Grade



No water no electricity, it is safe. It is made of SUS304stainless steel.

Cover Lock

Sealed inside cover

Installation Way and Multi-function

Dado can be matched with boiler water base, and the boiled water base can be matched with water filter, can add a faucet for clean water (can be matched with IC intelligent card charge management)

Control Way

Micro-computer controlled, it needs no person for operation or management.

Application Field

Corporation, factory, office building, government office, school, (can be matched with clean water faucet.

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